Simple pricing, simple design, sophisticated implementation

Many factors influence the success of the software development process. One of the most important is its implementation. At DeployNow, during this stage, we support you in carrying out all the activities aimed at making the software available to users in a specific environment.

Your implementation - why with DeployNow?



Time is precious, and you always miss it. We know that. That’s why you get it from us as a gift. DeployNow’s software implementation process is fast and smooth. It reflects the commitment of the entire team to its implementation – no unnecessary downtime. Our DevOps approach is conducive to this. At every stage, it takes into account implementation testing, which is the key to quickly launching a fully functional solution. 


We know it’s your priority. Therefore, we take it throughout the process and later – during software implementation. It saves your time and resources and reduces investment costs. As the system owner, you manage the process of authenticating and handling users and protecting all its resources, including critical ones. We have the competence to support your efforts in all such operations.

Oversight and monitoring

You can rest assured about the future of your solutions. Deployment processes carried out by DeployNow take into account all considerations related to the subsequent use of the system. Thus, you gain the ability to track its functioning:
  • user activity,
  • stability in operation,
  • updates,
  • installations and uninstallations,
  • and to automate these processes.

Jump on the deployment rocket!
We have it aligned with your growth

Monthly Quarterly (-15%)


  • Work in one week Sprint
  • Working in EU zones



  • Everything in Initial plus:
  • Created dedicated documentation


  • Everything in Growth plus:
  • Dedicated PM
  • Dedicated DevOps Engineer

Devopsi Special

Custom pricing
  • Available from 5 hours per month
  • No maximum number of hours
  • Pick and choose
  • Use our tools
  • Custom time to service

If you're not sure which package to choose:

Choose Your rocket, hire a Crew


In all our plans, we work with such technologies and tools, among others:


AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, OpenStack, Bare Metal


Containers, Serverless, Others


On-prem tools, Integrations with SaaS Tools (DataDog etc)


On-prem tools, SaaS tools


Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm, Mesos, Rancher

IaC Tools:

Ansible, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Helm, Packer, Puppet, Chef

GitOps Tools:

ArgoCD, FluxCD, Jenkins X

Security Tools:

HashiCorp Vault, SonarQube, BlackDuck


Didn’t find a tool or technology in the list above? Write to us – we certainly know them and will help 🙂


What do you gain with DeployNow?


of expenses

Building in-house teams requires significant investments related to the process of recruiting experts and compensating them. Expanding your team may mean equipping a workspace for each new employee. As a last resort, even renting or buying a new office.


A team with a full

If one of your team members falls ill, you’ll have to fill the gap. It means another staff investment or even more costly – project interruptions. This situation can jeopardize the maintenance of the project schedule.


Low retention
of employees

Due to the worldwide growing demand for programmers, the latter, tempted by increasingly higher salaries, often change employers and move to competing companies. It is a threat to the sustainability of your team.


Your employees are not experts in every field. As a result, you may not have the internal resources to complete the project successfully. Training your team members may be too time-consuming and costly. It can have a significant impact on maintaining project deadlines.


How do we work at DeployNow?

DevOps is a methodology for implementing best practices related to software creation and development while integrating security and operational support. At DeployNow, we have developed a universal support model for such projects. We implement it in three stages: preparation, testing, and implementation proper.



At this stage, DeployNow developers will support your team in working on the code, libraries, configuration files, and resources that determine the correct operation of your solution. They will also help you verify that your configuration is proper and working.



We always precede the final implementation with testing. We will help your team do both. In test automation also. At DeployNow, we know that errors can undermine all your efforts. That’s why you will receive support from us in this phase to correct any errors.



After testing, DeployNow will conduct an actual deployment with your team in an active environment. We will check the system and eliminate any errors. You will gain comfort, speed, and trouble-free use of the system. Your implementation expenses will be lower.



You will need expert support when using a software environment, whether new or already in use. DeployNow will provide it for you. We will ensure smooth operation and improve system performance. We will detect and eliminate errors.



The implementation of the work within the framework of the subscription you have purchased is handled by our experienced team of DevOps engineers.

The team is constantly growing – it includes people with expert knowledge and practice (senior, mid), as well as fast developing developers of the younger generation (junior).

Thanks to our experience, we know well which people will best meet your requirements and needs in carrying out the assigned task.

Let’s check: 

  1. Do you have a startup and need DevOps resources?
  2. You have your startup, and a DevOps Engineer in it. But she/he is unable to do all the design work?
  3. You own a company that doesn’t yet have a DevOps team, but needs one urgently?
  4. You own a company that already has a DevOps team, but need additional urgent support for it?
  5. Do you want to implement CI/CD, Security, Cloud, etc. tools in your company or startup?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions – then this service is for you.

We resolve all requests and planned work on a fairly timely basis. If the lead time is prolonged, you will be informed immediately.

  1. Onboarding call – within an hour of ordering our service, you will receive an email with a link to schedule – at your convenience – an onboarding meeting. We will also ask you to fill out a short form, where we will gather as much information about your project as possible before our meeting.
  2. During the onboarding call, we will set up a preliminary work plan with you, and you will receive an email confirming our findings within one business day of its completion. 

We are a team of DevOps Engineers with diverse experience and knowledge. In the table above, you will find information about technologies that at least one Senior DevOps Engineer on our team knows well.  

The customer can ask at any time for up-to-date information on the hours worked by our team in each billing period. In addition, we are working on a customer portal where the customer’s use of hours will be visible immediately after logging into their account.  

Our entire team will be working on your task – the Team Leader will decide on an ongoing basis on the selection of the best experts for the current task. Additionally, as part of the “package name” packages, you’ll enjoy the support of a dedicated Project Manager. 

Of course – if you run out of “hours”, you’ll be able to buy them up. To do this, contact your dedicated Project Manager directly. You can also send a message to

Yes. However, be sure to let us know during the onboarding interview. We will select experts with appropriate qualifications for each project you indicate.

Yes – but only for next month. After its expiration – will be lost.

Yes. Under current law – the Consumer Rights Act – it is possible to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of purchasing the service. If you have used our services during this time and want to cancel because, for example, you know you will not use all the “hours” anymore, you will receive a refund for those very unused “hours”. After 14 days, you will no longer have this option.  

Yes. To do so, please email your dedicated Project Manager or contact us by email

We have internal data security mechanisms in place. If we have access to sensitive data as part of the assignment, we will prepare an entrustment agreement for signature upon request.

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